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Welcome! We are a Kingston, Ontario based lab that develops efficient solutions for materials we all use everyday. In conjunction with Queen’s University we are proud to be making advances in the areas of economically viable recycling processes for fibre reinforced plastics.

Proud of Who we Are

In 2019 Jeosal Materials Research Corporation was fortunate to be recognized by the Canadian Plastics Innovation Challenge, specifically for our research into Fibreglass (GFRP) recycling. We are developing real-world recycling solutions for the 10,000’s of watercraft that end up in Canadian landfills and waterways every year. These rigid, fibreglass hulls are notoriously difficult to recycle and to date no economically viable process has been developed to recycle them. Through this National program our amazing team has discovered methods to recycle the raw materials and find uses for them in sporting goods, electronics and automotive sectors.


It is this type of recognition that drives us to continue our research and develop modern solutions to problems we, as a society, face together.

“Our natural environment is precious for Canadians. We know that we have a responsibility to prevent plastic pollution now and in the future. The funding the Government of Canada is providing Jeosal Materials Research Corporation will support innovation and research here in Kingston and lead to solutions that will benefit the rest of Canada.”
Mark Gerretsen
Mark Gerretsen
Member of Parliament for Kingston and the Islands
“Plastic pollution poses a serious threat to the environment. Our Government is taking action to identify and develop suitable methods for recycling fibreglass which usually ends up in landfill, or worse, abandoned in the water. By supporting innovative research and developing environmentally responsible recycling options, we are taking concrete steps to protect our planet now, and for future generations.”
Marc Garneau
Marc Garneau
Minister of Transport

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Next Gen Polymer Composites

For electrical circuitry applications we are developing polymers that can replace typical metals such as copper, aluminum and gold on contact points.

Fibreglass Recycling

The Government of Canada estimates that over 43,000 fibreglass vessels reach the end of their life cycle every year. Most of these end up in local landfills and even in our waterways.