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Here at Jeosal Technologies we are involved in numerous projects with endless potential uses. We wish to dedicate our efforts towards important causes that can make our world a better place and change our environment for the better.

Next Gen Polymer Composites

(Both electrical and light-weight applications)

For electrical circuitry applications we are developing polymers that can replace typical metals such as copper, aluminum and gold on contact points. By eliminating the need for these metals we reduce the need for them to be mined and in the process disrupt natural habitats and ecosystems along the way. 

Weight Applications. We have discovered many exciting ways to develop new materials that can replace traditional, heavier parts on cars and other crafts. By reducing weight this improves performance and mileage.

Glasses / Microscope
Docked Fibre Glass Boat

Fibreglass Recycling

The Government of Canada estimates that over 43,000 fibreglass vessels reach the end of their life cycle every year. Most of these end up in local landfills and even in our waterways. These products do not decompose and are becoming a serious issue in Canada’s overall plastic disposal strategy. 

Our approach is to find a realistic and affordable method to recycle glass fibre reinforced plastics (GFRP) but to also find economically viable uses for the recycled matter.  

In addition to discovering new materials that can conduct electricity we also are doing research into materials that are great for electrostatic dissipation or discharge. These materials can be used to mitigate or eliminate the damage caused by electrostatic or surges to sensitive components.

Our Results

Recycling Wind Turbine Blade Parts

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine Glass Fibres

Glass fibres extracted after processing

Wind Turbine Resin Powder

Resin powder after processing

Recycling GFRP Panel From End-of-life Marine Vessel

Marine Vessel
Boat Glass Fibres

Glass fibres extracted after processing

Boat Resin Powder

Resin powder after processing

Recycling Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Panel

Car Interior
Car Carbon Fibres

Carbon fibre extracted after processing

Car Resin Powder

Resin powder after processing